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at he can get a taste of these and more right here in Beijing," said Emanuele Plata, who has been selling a sli?/span>

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handy guide of what to do when the heatstorms and lightning eventually come. . . CHILL▓-OUT TUNES Close your eyes and imagine swimming in a crystal-clear mountain stream or snowbathing on an ic▓e floe. Or perhaps put on some

  1. Mozart or Vivaldi?▓ Scientific studies show both calming music and the imagina▓tion can 'potentiate the hypometabolic counteraro▓u

    sal state' - in other words, they can help slow down our me▓tabolism so we produce less body heat. CRUSH HOUR Leave more time for travel and get

    up earlier to avoid the heat and the rush. A group of 14 people gi▓ves off more heat than a 1,000 watt electric fire, so do your best to avoid th

  2. and allow it to evaporate. Light-coloured clothe▓s are better in direct sun - white reflects heat, while black absorbs it. Once you're out of th

    e sun's ray▓s, it makes little difference. Avoid jewellery, as metal retains heat. BEIJING, June 16 -- Fresh fruit and vegetable potions help you

    detox, fight jet la▓g and low immunity. A Healthy Living drinks m▓enu helps travelers stay fit.Summer is a good time to make ▓your own fruit and v

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egetable juices in a blender or extractor. You get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients direct ▓from nature.Pear, apple, mango, carrot, t▓omato, berry and green vegetables also make delicious a▓nd healthy juices.But experts p

  1. oint out that juices, th▓ough healthy, are no substitute for whole fruit in the daily diet as they contain little essential ▓fiber

    and some vitamins are lost in mashing and squeezing."Natural juices from fruits and vegetables have some healing effects and help with detoxing,

    fatigue, digestion and skin quality," says Patricia Teixeira, a Brazilian nutritionist in Shangha▓i to launch the Healthy Living drink menu at the

  2. Park Hyatt.▓"A mix-and-match thing will bring a magic touch to th▓e drink's flavor and its function," she sa▓ys of her selection of smo

    othies and juices.The▓ Care Smoothie is made with fresh raspberries, a powerful antioxidant, aloe vera, which aids digestion, and peaches, soy mi

    lk and ground almo▓nds.Peaches have a lot of lycopene and lutein, among other nutrients. Lycopene seems to have a protective effect against prost

  3. ate cancer and lutein supports healthy eyes, says Teixeira.The Health Smoothie is a delicious ▓mix of banana, fresh-squeezed orange j

    uice, st▓rawberries, mint leaves, soy milk and ground almonds.Strawberries support optimal health with ▓antioxidants and beta-carotene that gives

    the bright red color to the fruit.It helps protect against inflammation and heart disease, says Teixeira."Min▓t leaves have an exquisite fresh tast

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e and support our digestive function," she says.Anti-Jet Lag Juice includes kale, carrots, apple, salt and pumpkin seeds.Kale supplies phytonutrients, helps in

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detox and helps one relax.Carrots and apple balan▓ce blood sugar for a good nights' sleep.College students find money by "selling time" onlineBEIJING,

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March▓ 10 (Xinhua) -- The economic downturn coupled with ▓the pressure of finding employment after graduation has driven many college graduates to explore new ways of findi

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ng jobs. Zhang Li, a sopho▓more student at a vocational school in the central Hubei Province, opened a Web store at Tao▓bao.Com, a leading e-shopping Web site in China, to sell "her spare times," Hubei based newspaper Cha▓ngjiang Times reported Tuesday. She will stand in ▓lines for you, if you hate waiting in too long a line; if you were tired, she could go shopping for you; she might buy you coffee, or a ticket -- the one yo?/p>

坲 desperately needed ahead of the country鈥榮 Spring festiva▓l when it took too much time and energy to buy one. "I just want to sell my spare time doing meaningful things for▓ others. I can earn some pocket money, or even more important, I may create my own busine

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med▓."We are not just a brand or company but also a platfor m for institutional camp aign," said Plata, who wan ts Piazza It alia to host mee tings, events and art shows capable of facilitatinga cultur?/a> 坅l exchanges betwee n China and Italy."W hile Premier B erlusconi had visited us last October, I w ould like Ch inese government o fficials to visit us▓ too," he said, with h 平江县5G 富阳市wap 舒城县wap 乌审旗wap 怀仁县wap 遵义市wap 宁夏5G 龙泉市wap 潮州市wap 桦南县wap 丘北县wap 开原市wap 榆社县wap 神池县5G 闽侯县5G 南昌市5G 镶黄旗wap 康定县5G 南涧彝族自治县wap 曹县wap 传奇私服怎么架设外网 新开首区玉兔传奇私服 网通传奇私服发布网站 好传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服单机教程 开传奇私服教程 网通传奇私服1.80合击 散人能赚钱的传奇私服 找传奇私服发布网999 今日新开传奇私服网通